Bio-Ricky Christain

Ricky Christain started with The Waylighters in August of 2014. Ricky has been singing for over 50 years… he started going to singing schools that his father taught at an early age.

Before he married, he and his two brothers along with 2 friends at their home church in Vernon, AL formed their first gospel group, The One Way Singers. They sang together for several years. Then Ricky and Marilyn married and moved to Birmingham. They started going to Crestway Baptsit Church in 2000 and are members of the choir and Ricky does solos from time to time. Ricky has a CD available… Happy Trails. And Yes…. his childhood hero was Roy Rogers and he always ended his show with this song…as does Ricky. For several years he has sung with Leeds Arts Council Community Chorus and enjoys it very much. Ricky goes to two nursing homes/assisted living facilities and sings for the residents there. September of this year 2014, Ricky and Marilyn celebrated 40 years of marriage! Marilyn passed away December 2016.