Bio-Gary Adams

Gary Adams has been a memeber of The Waylighters Quartet since 1979. In the earlier days, Gary carried equipment, drove the bus, and just about anything else the orginal group needed for him to do just to be around The Waylighters. Gary and his now deceased brother, Charles Adams, one of the original Waylighters, drove to Canton, Georgia to take singing lessons from Leroy Abernathy for several years. As a result, Gary can sing lead, tenor, baritone, and now is the featured bass singer for the group.

Gary and his wife, Mary, have been married for 50 years and have 2 children; Sharon and Matt, and 3 beautiful grandchildren. Gary and Mary's son, Matt, used to sing with The Waylighters occasionally when he was younger.  Everyone always looked forward to Matt coming up to sing with his daddy. When the 2 older grandchildren were younger, they liked to sing with their grandfather as well. They both attend St. Aloysius Catholic Church.

Gary's brother, Charles Adams, was founder of The Waylighters Quartet. He was very ill in his last years, but still came to singings when he could. He has been gone for 3 years now, and before his death, he gave his manager's position to Gary. Gary is a very talented and dedicated member of The Waylighters. His ministry in this group is just to hopefully give a blessing to all who hear the group sing, and maybe get to see someone give their life over to Jesus.   


Please remember Charlie Adams who formed The Waylighters 32 years ago.  Charlie had to miss most of the 2010 singings because of health problems, but we are praying for God's healing that Charlie might be back with us in 2011.