2014 brought many changes for The Waylighters Quartet. Join us in 2015 as we continue our journey praising the Lord in song!

The Pastor's wife leads the way for the rest of us to eat and enjoy ourselves;

Fellowship Time

This album is pictrures taking during gatherings for lunches, dinners and get togethers in fellowship halls of churches.
There are no photos in this album.

Fellowship Time

More pictures of folks just plain old having a good time around the table and also some shots of the group practicing at Sharon's house that you might never see again.  Every once in a while a RARE photo of one of your favorite folks might just pop out during one of our hard practices!  Lots of work has to go in to all of what you hear on stage during the year.  And of course, lots of hard prayer!!  But it's worth every trip and every mile.
This shall continue to remain what church is about, Christ and the cross He went to Calvary for to bare our sins so that

Churches and You-Part II

Continue to journey with us througout the year of 2011 as we visit churches from our past and new churches that we are adding each week that we've never been to before.  Hope to see you there at one of them. 
Grant Street Baptist Church - March 2015

Let's Make Time for Each Other

In this fast-paced world, it seems like we alwys have time for everything but each other.  The Waylighters have made themselves a promise this year to try and slow down a little bit and make a little more time for themselves to be together.  "Because of it just being Keith and myself here in Alabama, I feel like The Waylighters are our extended brothers and sisters," states Sharon Emery (keyhboard and singing) They are our brothers and sisters in Christ and I know that we could call on them at any time and they would be there.
Danny and Gary doing a duet on the second verse of 'I Can't Even Walk.' Gary sings the second verse with Danny as a t

Waylighters Quartet #3

A continuance of our singings throughout 2011.  We hope you enjoy traveling with us through these photos., but we'd rather see you in person!
Here are just a few of the many pictures that were taken during Charlie's birthday celebration on March 20, 2011 at Bro

Charlie's Party - March 20, 2011

On March 20, 2011, a surprise party was thrown for our founder of The Waylighters, Mr. Charles Adams.  Needless to say, Charlie was surprised and the spirit was evident at Brooklane Community Center in Hueytown, Alabama.  Charlie turned 79 on March 21!
John Reiter does an excellent job singing Bass at Klondyke Gospel Music Center on March 23, 2013.

The Waylighters #4

As we continue on our journey to new churches and churches we have been to before, our photos continue to accumulate.  We invite you to visit often as we add new photos of each and every singing and hope that you will be blessed and maybe even find yourself in here somewhere.  Please come out and join us as we continue to minister in music. 
The beautiful church of Concord Highlands Baptist.  The congregation's church was destroyed in the April, 27, 2011

Churches and You - Part III

Please continue to travel with us through the following pages of the photo album as God continues to bless The Waylighters.
Curtis Williams who does a wonderful job of running Tannehill Opry, getting ready to introduce The Waylighters Quartet f

The Waylighters #5

Please join The Waylighters in welcoming in the year 2014.  Even though this year has already brought about changes in the groups look and sound, we continue to serve our Lord and Savior in song.  We hope somewhere down the road during this coming year, you might be able to join us in one of our song services.  But if you are unable to do so,  please take a moment to visit our web site and browse through our photo albums.
This sweet couple were celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary at Bluff Spring Baptist Church.  God bless and we pray

The Waylighters in 2014

Please join the group as we continue to visit both new churches and those that we have been to in previous years.  We hope you enjoy looking that the photos and hope you will find the time to come and be with us in a service in your area.